Become a Kul-creative Published on: 02. 11. 2017 - 5:10

On their 3rd birthday, the Kul Pong Klub makes a public appearance with another well cooked project!

This time in the same pot we combined the award winning Pong-cooler Rea Ban and all of her picture-book work that won a state award with the famous Bjelovar Designer, a web and graphic design chef Ivana Ivanušec. With her” ladle” KUL PONG gained visual quality and also made another friend and partner.

Dizajnerica and Kul Pong start a unique PROGRAM OF VIRTUALIZATION AND WEB ACCESSIBILITY OF CHILDREN'S PICTURE- BOOKS. Our member Rea Ban got the opportunity to be shown on our web as a young author and also to inspire kids to join us and teach them of the possibilities of writing their own stories. We created our workshops where we teach the art of writing and how to be safe on the internet. We encouraged them to be creative, show them how to smartly use social media and spend less time on bad content and unsafe environments. We provide individual and group classes with interesting subjects and tools where they can express themselves.

The result of the cooperation between Dizajnerica and Kul Pong Is a platform for young authors that can be a leaping board for the future or a place of fun where we promise lots of laughter, education and creativity.

Our first creatively cooked result is soon to be released into the vast world of the internet. The picture-book titled Nebeski orkestar has already gain some praise by the author Silvija Šesto who wrote the review for the book.

If you are interested in joining and actualizing this project contact us directly through our website,


or phone number 095 918 6788

We invite everyone that is interested in learning and being creative so we could begin our journey and the only condition is that you are eager to learn and hang out.

You don’t have to do it alone WE are here for you – contact us!

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